You can ask questions of warranty service during the warranty period provided by the manufacturer, with the receipt of the initial order.
We unequivocally deny you warranty if: The device was not used for its intended purpose; the device was subjected to mechanical stress; the unit has been filled with coolant; you yourself have changed the operating system version of the device; you installed Apps are not from the official app store recommended by the manufacturer of the device; the device is out of order due to voltage drop in the electric network; In the case of devices to our warehouse without the permission to send the device to our side; the device was used for business purposes and for other purposes other than its intended purpose; if the device has traces of attempts of unauthorized repairs; if the defect is caused by a change in design or scheme products, connecting external devices not provided by the manufacturer; if the defect is caused by the action of invincible forces, accidents, intentional or careless actions of the consumer or third parties; If damage caused by exposure to moisture, high or low temperatures, corrosion, oxidation, ingestion of foreign objects products, materials, liquids, insects or animals; If cleaning is required audio - video heads, drives to read information from different types of media; if the damage caused by exposure to software viruses and similar programs, set or change the password, modification and (or) reinstall preinstalled software, installing and using third-party software, formatting of hard disk drives; if the defect has arisen as a result of normal wear and tear of parts in case of exceeding the specified norms of normal operation, as well as housing components of portable products; if you want to update the software to improve announced the sale of properties.
The warranty does not apply to the following product defects: mechanical damage caused after the transfer of goods to the buyer (consumer); Damage caused by careless, sloppy handling and mishandling care product; damage or abnormal operation of the product caused by:
failures or substandard parameters of feeding, telecommunication, cable networks and other such external factors; using unconventional and (or) poor-quality consumables, accessories, spare parts, batteries, different types of media (including but not limited to, audio and video tapes, optical disks, memory cards), software products, kotoryene supplied or recommended by the manufacturer ; the action of virus programs.
The warranty does not apply: in the software supplied with the product for which the license agreements provided to the end user; software and information that is not supplied with the product and installed, stored or created by the user; User data stored or received by the product. The user accepts the responsibility for the timely preservation of important information for him and their protection; Consumables (components which require periodic replacement when using the article.); batteries (batteries, rechargeable batteries), replaceable bulb; connecting cables, aerials, headphones, microphones, headsets, "hands-free" plug hardware elements, media types (audio, video tapes, discs, memory cards, etc.); cases, belts, cords for carrying, mounting hardware, tools, documentation that came with the product; LCD displays.

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